Whoopie Pie Festival, What is your favorite flavor?

The whoopie pie....Is it a pie?  Not at all.  Is it a cake?  Sort of.  Is it a cookie?  Only that it looks like one.  It is about the size of a hamburger bun with two rich, chocolate cake layers and a creamy filling sandwiched between them.  The whoopie pie's origins are thought to be with the Amish of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania that settled here in the early 1700s, although Maine and New Hampshire also lay claim to the birthplace of the whoopie pie.  It is the official state treat of Maine.  Most likely Amish groups migrating north brought this yummy treat to those northern states.  Originally whoopie pies were thought to made from leftover cake batter.  The Amish women would bake these small cake mounds, put two together with the fluffy, creamy frosting between and put them in the men's lunch pail.  When the farmer would find them packed in their lunch they would shout out "Whoopie"

While chocolate is the original and most popular flavor, many other varieties are available....red velvet, pumpkin, chocolate chip, gingerbread, blondie, carrot, coconut and even a chocolate with a peanut butter cream filling just to name a few.  These flavors and many more can be found at the Whoopie Pie Festival at the Hershey Farm Restaurant in Strasburg, Saturday, September 15, 2012 from 11AM - 4pm.  Raindate is Sunday.  It is a fun-filled, whoopie pie-filled day.  Ever play whoopie pie checkers?  Go on a whoopie pie treasure hunt? Or create your own unique whoopie pie?  Watch as they attempt to make the largest whoopie pie and set a new Guinness Book World Record.  In addition to everything whoopie pie and dozens of flavors to enjoy, there will be face painting, pony rides and local crafters and artisans displaying their handmade items for you to purchase.

Come out and enjoy Lancaster County's favorite confection and a most delicious day. How many whoopie pies can you eat?  And don't forget a glass of milk.


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